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Privacy Policy Download
Cookie Policy Download
Elements of Parksmart Certification Download

Chart of the 48 certification measures and associated point values (PDF)

Parksmart One-Pager Download

Why does sustainable parking matter? Learn more in this brief document about how Parksmart — the world's only rating system designed to advance green mobility — encourages thoughtful siting and structure design, best-in-class facility management practices and innovative technologies.

Parksmart Certification Standard

A detailed reference manual for Parksmart certification.

Parksmart & LEED Synergies Download

LEED and Parksmart work hand in hand. For parking structures within a LEED project boundary, some achieved LEED credits can also earn Parksmart measure recognition. This document provides guidance for projects seeking to leverage LEED recognition into Parksmart certification.

Guide to Parksmart Certification Download

Overview of the Parksmart certification process, including eligibility information and fees. For use with the Parksmart Certification Standard Version 1.0 with Addenda. (PDF)

Parksmart Planning Worksheet Download

Tool for developing Parksmart certification strategy

Parksmart Scorecard Download

Required worksheet to track point achievement (.xlsx)

Owner's Checklist Download

Survey to assess a facility’s readiness for Parksmart certification (PDF)