Parksmart projects celebrated at the 2018 IPI Conference and Expo

At the 2018 IPI Conference and Expo, where more than 3,500 parking professionals from 30 countries gather to discuss industry trends and challenges, GBCI recognized eight parking structures for achieving Parksmart certification.

Öbilic Venac

The Obiićev Venac in central Belgrade became the first Parksmart-certified garage in Europe in April 2018. Seeing an opportunity for this garage to help revitalize the historical and cultural center of Belgrade, the city’s parking operation, JKP “Parking servis," embraced Parksmart as a tool for realizing the garage’s full potential. A complete renovation transformed what was once a traditional parking structure into a beautiful gathering place that encourages more sustainable transportation and increases neighborhood connectivity.

Impark adopts new symbol of access for its parking garages

“Activism” and “social innovation” may not be the first words that spring to mind when parking is mentioned, but for USGBC member Impark and Canadian nonprofit The Forward Movement, parking facilities have become an essential platform for a larger dialogue about accessibility and inclusivity.

Join Parksmart at the 2018 IPI Conference and Expo in Orlando

There is plenty of excitement about the 2018 IPI Conference and Expo where over 3,500 parking professionals from 30 or more countries across the globe will learn from one another and leave inspired to continue to transform the current state of the parking industry.

Running June 3 to 6 in Orlando, Florida, the conference will offer educational opportunities, parking-specific technologies and innovations, Parksmart recognition and opportunities to connect and collaborate with peers in the industry.

Navigant reports how innovative mobility solutions lead to smart cities

According to a recent report by Navigant Research (free summary after registration) that assesses the state of global smart city development, innovative parking and mobility solutions are helping smart cities reduce environmental impact, encourage economic development and improve efficiency of services.

Parksmart measures now boost LEED project score

Parksmart certification can now boost a project’s LEED score. The LEED Steering Committee recently added select Parksmart measures to the LEED innovation catalog for LEED v4 Building Design and Construction (BD+C), LEED 2009 BD+C, LEED v4 Operations and Maintenance (O+M) and LEED 2009 O+M projects.

Parksmart helps shape the electric vehicle marketplace

With a growing appetite for electric vehicles (EV), customers in the U.S. are no longer just looking at parking garages as a place to stow their cars; they’re giving preference to those garages that offer a little more—including EV charging stations.

An airport campus success story with Parksmart

Photo credits: Ryan Snow.

Parksmart to present at Greenbuild Europe 2018

Join us at Greenbuild Europe for an exploration into Parksmart and the first garage in Europe to embrace the rating system, the Obilicev Venac.

Parksmart certification: Transforming the parking garage of today into the multimodal hub of tomorrow

Answers to your top four questions about Parksmart

Parksmart has rounded up the top four most frequently asked questions we receive from people interested in exploring parking certification. Check out our answers to the get the info you need: