10 Everett Street Garage

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Certification Level: 
Parksmart Pioneer
Project Owner: 
Harvard University
Project Size: 
695 spaces
Property Manager: 
Harvard Parking Services
Project Overview: 

The 10 Everett facility was complete in 2012 and remains the newest garage on the Harvard University campus. At 695 spaces it is the second largest facility on campus and is sandwiched right up against the MBTA redline subway tunnel. It primarily serves the Harvard Law School campus including Wasserstein Hall which sits on top of and has direct access into this underground facility.

Key project features:

The 10 Everett Street garage features 12 level 2 EV charging stations for employees, hands-free AVI tech for entrance/exit access control, dedicated parking spaces for carpool, vanpool and LEV vehicles, LED lighting on all levels and ramps, post-tension concrete; epoxy coated rebar, superplasticizer’s, low VOC silane and membrane for garage floor. These construction items help with long term durability of the facility and are key to sustainability and keeping long term maintenance costs down.

Motion sensor-controlled LED lights are a critical element to helping us reduce operational costs of this garage. We have oil and grit traps that help prevent facility runoff from entering the storm drains and sewers that ultimately drain into the Charles. 10 Everett has the most EV charging stations of any one facility with over 11 stations for employees. Over 50 Covered bike parking spaces were provided at ground level as part of this project to also help serve the Law School Community, as well as a BlueBikes shared bike station nearby. With additional internal shuttles and MBTA transit service at the site or within a 10 min walk it allows the small percentage of employees that do drive to the site to park once and get around campus without their car during the day.

Community benefits:

While this facility is for employees only, we have worked with the City of Cambridge to open up the spaces for residents during snow parking bans, this allows us to hold somewhere around 1000 vehicles between this garage and another nearby facility. With a high number of small narrow Cambridge streets, and few municipal lots this has been an important longstanding community benefit.

"Parksmart certification helps us stay current in the field of sustainable practices and gives us a benchmark to help improve all our parking facilities," explained John W. Nolan, MSM, CAPP, Managing Director of Parking and Transportation, Harvard University.