1600 Smith

Houston, Texas
Certification Level: 
Parksmart Pioneer
Project Owner: 
Project Operator: 
SP Plus
Project Size: 
2,577 parking spaces
Property Manager: 
Lauara Krupowicz
Project Overview: 

The 1600 Smith Garage is a 14-story above grade garage with 2,577 total spaces. It offers several exciting amenities for customers, including dry cleaners, designated and secure motorcycle parking, bicycle parking, electric vehicle charging stations, designated parking for all fuel-efficient vehicles, and a car wash. Level 2 is reserved for vanpool, carpool, car sharing, fuel-efficient hybrids, and electric vehicles only.

A wide variety of sustainable parking options, mentioned above, at 1600 Smith helped Brookfield and SP Plus achieve Parksmart Pioneer certification. For example, a focus on alternative transportation options (EV, car pooling, rideshare, car share, bike and public transportation) was one measure in place that helped achieve this goal.