Answers to your top four questions about Parksmart

Jasmine Day
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Parksmart has rounded up the top four most frequently asked questions we receive from people interested in exploring parking certification. Check out our answers to the get the info you need:

1. Why is sustainability in parking so important?

In the United States, transportation now emits more greenhouse gas emissions than power plants. Globally, transportation contributes to nearly a quarter of our CO2 emissions, and 75 percent of that comes from cars and trucks. The ways in which we operate our parking can significantly reduce automobile-generated carbon emissions, pollution and fuel consumption, as well as promote more sustainable forms of mobility. To learn more, check out our article "Why is sustainability in parking so important?".

2. How do I achieve Parksmart certification?

The Parksmart certification process may seem overwhelming to some, but it doesn’t have to be! New and existing parking structures can earn points for forward-thinking and sustainable practices in three categories: management, programs and technology structure design. With a total of 248 points available, Parksmart is achieved by meeting minimum thresholds for both new and existing parking structures.

For more information on how your project can achieve certification, visit "The simple steps to Parksmart certification."

3. What are the benefits of pursuing Parksmart and LEED in tandem?

Did you know that many garages that are Parksmart-certified are attached to LEED-certified structures? That’s because Parksmart complements LEED. In fact, last year, GBCI released the Parksmart and LEED Synergies guidance document, which provides a detailed list of credits within LEED that can also apply toward earning Parksmart certification.

The Parksmart program benefits everyone, from building owners and property managers to tenants and drivers. Parking structures can achieve reduced environmental impact, increased energy efficiency and lowered energy usage through lighting, ventilation, controls and commissioning measures.

To learn more about Parksmart and LEED, read "How your parking garage can benefit from both LEED and Parksmart."

4. Why should I consider the Parksmart Advisor designation?

Parksmart Advisors are trained to lead clients through the Parksmart certification process by evaluating the sustainable attributes of parking facilities and preparing their certification applications for submission. They are well versed in strategies designed to reduce the energy and environmental footprint of parking facilities.

Learn how DESMAN, a national consulting firm, leverages Parksmart to attract new business and offer additional services to existing clients by exploring "How a Parksmart Advisor designation can elevate your practice."

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