Canopy Airport Parking

Commerce City, Colorado
Certification Level: 
Parksmart Pioneer
Project Owner: 
Parking Acquisition Ventures
Project Operator: 
Propark America
Project Size: 
4,207 (2,708 open air, 1,021 covered and 478 indoor)
Project Overview: 

Canopy Airport Parking placed sustainability central to its development and construction and set out to build the most sustainable parking lot possible. The result was an award-winning carpark that achieved Parksmart Pioneer and LEED Gold certification, was recognized by the International Parking Institute as the most sustainable garage of the year in 2012 and won the National Parking Association’s 2012 Innovation Award for the Innovative Sustainability Project of the Year.

Recycled construction materials, commissioning, energy-efficient fixtures and responsible construction waste management were among the strategies employed at this near-airport location. Canopy is 80% more efficient than a comparable traditional parking structure and is powered by solar and wind farms and heated and cooled geothermally.

Since completing construction in 2010, the facility has built upon its green foundation to embrace sustainable operations and programming with a variety of initiatives including, recycling, alternative fuel shuttles, educational initiatives. Beyond helping to pioneer sustainability in parking, Canopy’s business model also succeeded; occupancy has skyrocketed since opening in 2010 with revenues well above projected levels.

Management highlights

  • Over 75 percent of construction waste was diverted from landfill
  • Over 40 percent of the construction materials were recycled
  • Garage commissioning verified efficiency of mechanical and electrical systems

Program highlights

  • Online reservations reduce patron circling
  • One hundred and fifty green vehicle spaces reserved for low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicles
  • Anti-idling payment system integrated with ExpressToll highway toll transponder

Technology & structure design highlights

  • Eight electric vehicle charging stations available to patrons at no charge
  • High SRI roofing materials covers 100 percent of the facility and reduces heat island effect
  • Solar array and eight wind turbines provide clean, renewable energy
  • Energy efficient LED lighting is used throughout the facility