Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport - Hibiscus

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Certification Level: 
Project Size: 
1.91M sq. ft. / 4,785 spaces
Property Owner: 
Broward County
Parking Operator: 
Property Manager: 
Dedrie Registe
Project Overview: 

Hibiscus Parking Garage, built in 1999, is the second of three parking garages in the core of the Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport (FLL) campus. It is flanked by Palm Garage to the west and Cypress Garage to the east. The parking campus includes numerous sustainability features, including electric vehicle charging and tire inflation stations, an electric utility vehicle fleet and a free shuttle to downtown destinations. The building systems are optimized by an advanced building management system that monitors and controls the HVAC, fire suppression, air quality, elevators and lighting.

Placemaking features have been implemented throughout the structure. The most notable visual feature is a large-scale interior art installation, “Light Cylinders” by Judy Pinto, which consists of four massive fiberglass tubes, each in a different color, rising from the ground floor up through the top deck of the parking garage seven stories above. The garage is also surrounded by palm trees, providing a peaceful break from the airport noise. Aircraft enthusiasts, journalists and the public enjoy a roomy observation platform running the length of the eastern edge of the top deck.

Management highlights:

  • Active member of Ft Lauderdale TMA
  • LEED Green Associate as member of parking management team
  • Locally sourced labor pools used in all renovations

Program highlights:

  • Single space wayfinding
  • Extensive placemaking, including world-class works of art and serene green spaces
  • Use of alternative fuel (electric) utility vehicles for parking operations
  • Integration of statewide SunPass toll transponder into payment system

Technology & structure design highlights:

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Advanced, efficient building management system
  • Comprehensive airport-wide stormwater management

Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is the first airport-wide campus in the world to be awarded Parksmart Certification and contains the first three Parksmart sites certified in Florida.