How your LEED project can achieve Parksmart certification

Trevyr Meade
Published on: 

Does your LEED O+M or BD+C project include a parking structure? If so, you may already be well on your way to also achieving Parksmart certification. GBCI’s recently released Synergies Between Parksmart and LEED guidance document highlights the LEED credits that are applicable to, and demonstrate achievement toward, Parksmart certification.  

When a project achieves LEED certification, it is recognized as a global sustainability leader. Often, these projects also include a garage that has embraced sustainability. Although parking structures are very different from occupied buildings, they have similarities and complementary uses. The guidance document recognizes this relationship, showing how parking structures that fall within a LEED O+M or BD+C project can achieve Parksmart points for specific LEED credits.

Using this new guidance helps your garage gain recognition for sustainability achievements already demonstrated and allows you the opportunity to broaden your project’s sustainability goals.

Parksmart guides project teams to leverage an array of emerging mobility options and innovative parking technologies that provide users more efficient and less impactful access to a project site. Embracing Parksmart further expands your project’s sustainability footprint to how customers, employees and tenants arrive at your project.

Parksmart certification distinguishes projects that enable a customer-friendly, efficient and sustainable journey for their building users. Review the guidance to see how close your existing or future LEED O+M or BD+C project is to gaining Parksmart certification.

To learn more about adding Parksmart recognition to your LEED O+M or BD+C projects, contact Parksmart or speak with your USGBC representative at 1-800-795-1747.

Download the guidance document