Improving parking structure performance with Parksmart

Jasmine Day
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Wondering why universities and airports pursue Parksmart certification for their parking structures? Want to learn the benefits and costs associated with certification?

Check out what three parking industry leaders had to say about these topics during Parksmart’s latest webinar, "Improving Parking Structure Performance with Parksmart."

Why use Parksmart certification?

With more than 100 projects registered for Parksmart, there are many reasons why parking owners and operators are pursuing certification for their parking structures.

It’s in the fabric of what they do.

For Michael Biagi, Cal Poly Pomona’s Director of Parking and Transportation Services, going after Parksmart was a natural fit for Cal Poly Pomona’s Parking Structure 2 because sustainability is an essential component of campus decision-making. At a campus level, Cal Poly Pomona is focused on building structures that meet LEED standards and reduce environmental impact. Parksmart provided Cal Poly Pomona with a sustainability framework that enabled the university to expand its sustainability work to parking assets.

It helps improve their overall parking operation.

Already making great strides toward sustainability, Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport aspired to align its parking operation with Parksmart as an opportunity to improve day-to-day performance. Parking operations can represent 35 percent of the airport's revenue, and the Parksmart certification process helps to improve operational performance, customer experience and community awareness, explained Christina Combs, Marketing and Business Development Manager, SP+ Airport Services.

It’s an opportunity to educate.

There’s a significant education component to Parksmart, and Ed Adelman of the Massachusetts State College Building Authority looks at the Salem State North Campus Transportation Center as an opportunity to educate students on the impact of construction and importance of sustainability.

What are the benefits of Parksmart certification?

Parksmart not only enhances the sustainability of your garage, it can also improve its efficiency and operation. By incorporating Parksmart best practices in siting, design and operations, parking facilities across the country are looking to Parksmart to help them keep pace with evolving mobility technologies and strategies that improve access and limit environmental impact.

For example, Cal Poly Pomona’s Parking Structure 2 has a vehicle counter that tells patrons the number of spaces available on each level. Counters like these help reduce idling and improve traffic flow. In addition, Cal Poly Pomona installed secure bike racks and 24 electric vehicle charging stations, as well as designating more than 150 spaces for clean air vehicles to promote more sustainable modes of transportation.

As a result of installing a wayfinding system, a Parksmart best practice, Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport saw less idling and circling—getting people to their rows and spaces faster, which is especially important in an airport setting.

What are the costs associated with certification?

Our panelists Micahel Biagi and Ed Adelman shared that Parksmart doesn’t necessarily add any additional costs to construction. Since it advises best practices, Parksmart actually helps parking owners and operators reduce the total cost of garage ownership.

To learn more about how Parksmart helps increase efficiency and profitability while driving sustainability and customer satisfaction, download the on-demand webinar.

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