John Schmid

Propark, Inc.

John Schmid is CEO/Managing Partner of Propark America, a national leader in parking management services and parking real estate acquisition. Schmid also serves as managing partner of Winpark, which specializes in providing parking management services tailored to Class-A office towers.

Passionate about the environment, Schmid is uniquely involved in the evolution of the green parking movement as the founder and chairman of the Green Parking Council. Dedicated to expanding green parking practices, Schmid and the GPC created the Green Garage Certification rating system, which set the sustainability standard in the parking industry.

Schmid has brought other sustainable concepts from creation to realization, including the 50-acre, LEED certified gold, Canopy DIA project (described as one of the greenest parking facilities in the world ), and his work creating and promoting small car detection technology. Schmid also created and operates Garage Juice Bar, a company that produces electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, with a goal to accelerate the roll-out of the EV. Garage Juice Bar has placed over 1,000 charge points in urban parking facilities across the country and with a mantra of "charge cars not people,” Schmid and Garage Juice Bar are encouraging the “Free Juice Bar Revolution.”