LEED projects with parking structures receive discount on Parksmart certification

Trevyr Meade
Published on: 

LEED projects continue to demonstrate interest in adding Parksmart certification to their parking structures. To support these projects, GBCI released the Parksmart and LEED Synergies document in 2017. This guidance enables garages included within LEED v4 and LEED 2009 O+M and BD+C projects to automatically achieve points toward Parksmart certification, streamlining the documentation process and reducing project team workloads.

To further encourage LEED project teams to recognize the potential for sustainability improvements in their garages, GBCI has announced a 15 percent discount on Parksmart registration and certification fees for parking structures included in projects pursuing LEED, as well as parking structures that have already achieved LEED certification and are now interested in pursuing Parksmart certification as well.

There are many opportunities for sustainability initiatives to bring value to a property’s bottom line while mitigating environmental impacts. By taking a focused look at each asset included on your property, whether it be a parking structure or occupied space, you are best positioned to realize these opportunities.

With the Parksmart and LEED Synergies guidance and discounted registration and certification fees, we at GBCI hope to make that process as seamless as possible for you. For more on leveraging the benefits of both LEED and Parksmart, please contact us.

View the synergies document