Navigant reports how innovative mobility solutions lead to smart cities

Paul Wessel
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According to a recent report by Navigant Research (free summary after registration) that assesses the state of global smart city development, innovative parking and mobility solutions are helping smart cities reduce environmental impact, encourage economic development and improve efficiency of services.

Navigant views smart cities as “a complex confluence of several existing markets, as well as the driver for new, emergent solutions that span existing industries, operations, and services, according to another report from 2016 that focused on the evolution of the global smart city market. Around the globe, it is becoming increasingly common for multi-sector smart city projects that span multiple industries to take place. City leaders in all major regions view new technologies such as smart street lighting, air quality monitoring, smart parking systems and mobility solutions as stepping stones toward the development of a smart city.

Thus, existing and emerging markets that are developing smart cities are relying on a number of strategies promoted by Parksmart, including

  • Multi-modal programs and applications that allow city residents to plan trips using a variety of transport options.
  • On-demand services that combine transit services, car-sharing, ride-sharing and bike-sharing.
  • Integrated information and payment services that offer convenience to consumers while also supporting low-carbon urban transportation.

The emerging new business models for parking and transportation services are nurtured by these Parksmart strategies, deployed in individual projects and across parking asset portfolios—and they are helping drive the transformation of the parking and transportation markets.

Navigant Smart City report

Graphic by Navigant.

With 221 smart cities being tracked globally and increased interest in participating in smart city programs, Navigant's Smart City Tracker report shows surges of interest in smart city development in places on every continent.

Now that transportation is the fastest-growing contributor to global climate emissions, Parksmart continues to push parking assets toward accelerating mobility solutions that reduce energy use, produce cleaner air and reduce roadway congestion on our rapidly urbanizing planet.

See more data at Navigant Smart Cities and Smart City Tracker 1Q18.

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