Obilićev Venac

Belgrade, Serbia
Certification Level: 
Parksmart Bronze
Project Operator: 
JKP “Parking servis”
Project Size: 
213,102 square feet; 804 parking spaces
Property Manager: 
JKP “Parking servis”
Project Overview: 

“Public Utility “Parking servis,” Belgrade, always strived to bring international innovative practices to the local level. After pioneering the first high-performing green garage, the objective will be to continue to build energy efficient parking lots with and aim of reducing on street parking and preserving the environment." — Andrija Cupkovic, General Manager PU “’ Parking servis”’

“It is truly an honor to be first in Europe to be awarded Parkmart certification” – Biljana Vlajić, developed and construction director in PU “Parking servis”

The Obilićev Venac in central Belgrade became the first Parksmart-certified garage in Europe in April 2018. Seeing an opportunity for this garage to help revitalize the historical and cultural center of Belgrade, the city’s parking operation, JKP “Parking servis," embraced Parksmart as a tool for realizing the garage’s full potential. A complete renovation transformed what was once a traditional parking structure into a beautiful gathering place that encourages more sustainable transportation and increases neighborhood connectivity.

The project’s design objectives centered around the application of energy efficient practices, minimizing environmental impact, fostering community, promoting sustainable transportation and decreasing costs through efficient management. This focus allowed the garage to reduce operational and maintenance costs by 33 percent while increasing the garage surface area by 33 percent. Strategies embraced by the garage include:

Management highlights:

  • Robust recycling program
  • Environmentally responsible cleaning practices
  • Use of regional labor for renovation work

Program highlights:

  • Internal and external wayfinding
  • Free bicycle sharing program
  • EV charging stations
  • Incentives for drivers of alternative fuel vehicles
  • Placemaking zones for exhibitions and cultural purposes

Technology & structure design highlights:

  • High efficiency LED lighting
  • Solar PV energy generation
  • Over 90 percent of lighting inside the garage is controlled by occupancy sensors

Project roles:

  • Energo performed the Administration of this project.
  • Parksmart consultancy at the project was guided by the first European Parksmart advisor (Marija Golubovic).

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