Parksmart: Benefiting parking structures, communities and the environment

Sarah Buente
Published on: 

Parksmart certification is all about smarter parking. By pursuing certification through the measures in the Parksmart Certification Standard, parking structures are able to optimize performance, cut energy use and increase sustainable operations.

Built in anticipation of rapidly evolving smart parking and intelligent transportation tools, Parksmart facilities take advantage of the highest-performing technologies, designs and programs. These garages offer significant benefits for drivers, tenants, building owners and property managers alike, helping parking structures to 

  • Cut costs, reduce impact and increase energy efficiency and performance. Parksmart ensures that new and existing parking facilities incorporate the best technologies and practices to achieve triple bottom line performance, and delivers the information necessary for continuous improvement.

    Parksmart-certified garages maximize our natural resources, conserve freshwater, reduce operating expenses, cut electricity consumption, lower carbon emissions and help to eliminate end-use emissions. High-performing garages and the energy efficiency measures they implement pay for themselves and then some—by pursuing Parksmart, garages can reduce operation costs up to 25 percent, compared to the national average.

  • Offer better lighting and ventilation. State-of-the-art lighting technologies implemented through pursuing Parksmart certification cut energy and maintenance costs. Also, since these technologies last longer than traditional lighting systems, they can help garages improve performance and can be one of the most significant short-term initiatives to improve economic and climate conditions.
  • Promote alternative modes of transportation and diversify mobility options. Parksmart encourages and rewards parking structures that have electric vehicle charging stations; offer reserved or discounted parking for vanpools, carpools and alternative or fuel-efficient vehicles; offer bicycle parking and bicycle sharing; and are situated near a bus or train station.
  • Integrate sustainable mobility services and technologies. Parksmart guides parking structures toward solutions-oriented strategies, best practices in facility management and new technologies that increase sustainable mobility through smarter parking structure design, construction, operation and management.  
  • Create stronger community relationships. Consumers are asking for more green solutions, and are increasingly making their spending choices on that basis. Parksmart garages deliver the outcomes customers want by using technologies such as guidance systems, which help drivers find parking faster and remove the frustration that many customers experience when finding a space to park.

Ultimately, Parksmart is a tool for market transformation in parking and transportation. As the world rapidly urbanizes, Parksmart-certified structures will accelerate sustainable mobility while consuming less resources. 

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