Parksmart to present at Greenbuild Europe 2018

Trevyr Meade
Published on: 

Join us at Greenbuild Europe for an exploration into Parksmart and the first garage in Europe to embrace the rating system, the Obilicev Venac.

Parksmart certification: Transforming the parking garage of today into the multimodal hub of tomorrow

Time: 16:00, Tues., April 17
Track: Sustain, Renew, Transform
Room: Aquamarin
Presenters: Trevyr Meade, Certification Program Lead, GBCI and Marija Golubovic, CEO, ENERGO
GBCI credit: 1

Parksmart, the world’s only rating system advancing sustainable mobility through smarter parking garage design and operation, is expanding parking’s role as a transformative force for improved connectivity in our cities. Learn about those aspects of the rating system most relevant to the European market, and see a case study highlighting the first structure in Europe to leverage the program, the Obilicev Venac.

The Obilicev Venac and other garages across the globe are using Parksmart to reduce environmental impacts, increase energy efficiency and performance, manage parking spaces efficiently, encourage alternative mobility solutions and strengthen community relationships. Gain the knowledge needed to be among the first in Europe to realize the benefits of Parksmart and bring certification to your parking structures.

GBCI’s Trevyr Meade will be available for meetings throughout the conference. Email him directly to schedule a meeting.

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