Shady Grove Garage 2

Rockville, Maryland
Certification Level: 
Parksmart Bronze
Project Owner: 
Universities at Shady Grove
Project Operator: 
Universities at Shady Grove
Project Size: 
700 parking spaces
Project Manager: 
Universities at Shady Grove
Ayers Saint Gross
Project Overview: 

Shady Grove Garage 2 is a 700-parking space facility with five levels that takes an active role in connecting patrons to area amenities. The construction incorporated sustainable elements and was awarded Parksmart certification in April 2017.

Sustainability features at the structure include the use of recycled materials, electric charging stations, 36 bicycle parking spaces, photovoltaic panels on the roof, and discounted rates are provided to low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles. To meet Parksmart’s rigorous standards, Shady Grove Garage 2 diverted 99 percent of construction waste from landfills, sourced 95 percent of materials regionally, minimized lighting power density to 0.97 watts/sf, and generates 3 percent of its energy on-site.

Management highlights

  • The garage charges patrons to park to incentive alternative modes of transit
  • Recycling containers on-site help simplify appropriate waste disposal
  • Nearly all construction wastes were diverted from landfill through recycling or reuse
  • The project supported local construction jobs and material streams by sourcing most labor and materials from the region

Programs highlights

  • The project has convenient access to mass transit including university shuttles and Montgomery County bus lines
  • Permanently installed signage assists patrons in navigating the garage and connecting to adjacent amenities
  • The surrounding landscaping supports placemaking and integrates the garage into the campus plan
  • In addition to vehicular spaces, the garage provides bicycle parking and a bicycle service station
  • Electronically controlled ingress and egress lanes keep traffic flowing optimally into and out of the garage, minimizing idling times and emissions
  • Parking guidance is provided via automated variable signage to limit the time patrons spend looking for an available spot
  • The garage has a robust marketing and education program to educate users about the garage’s amenities and sustainable features

Technology & structure design highlights

  • The project includes multiple pay stations for patron use prior to exiting the garage to minimize idling times at the exit
  • The fire suppression system installed at the garage does not use halons
  • The garage features a tire inflation station to support optimal vehicle maintenance
  • An electric vehicle charging station is provided at no additional charge
  • Because the garage is entirely above grade, the project uses natural ventilation to maintain air quality
  • The garage’s high-efficiency lighting is tied to time and occupancy sensors which allow the project to preserve safety and minimize energy use
  • An on-site photovoltaic array on the roof level of the garage produces enough energy to offset 35 percent of the project’s electricity demands

"Having the Shady Grove Garage certified stands as a testament to USG's commitment to environmental stewardship. USG is a growing community, and with every expansion of the campus, we work continuously to ensure that USG remains a leader in sustainable development. USG is a learning laboratory where community members and government leaders can work collaboratively with students, staff and faculty to propel new green initiatives that impact not only the campus but across the region." - Dr. Stewart Edelstein, Executive Director of the Universities at Shady Grove

"The Shady Grove Garage serves as a gateway to the campus of the Universities at Shady Grove, expressing the university’s ideals as a center for academic research and technology while acknowledging its relationship as part of the Life Sciences Center District in Montgomery County. The garage exemplifies the university’s and design team’s commitment to sustainable design. Through the implementation of sustainable technologies and materials in the facilities design, construction, and operation the facility serves as an example to educate for environmental awareness, community engagement, and global thinking." - Dan McKelvey, ASG Architects

Photo credit: Tom Holdsworth