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Kathleen Federici
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Our journey with USGBC as an Education Partner has led IPI to create a new mode of training and delivery platform for our Parksmart Advisor Training. IPI’s newest training delivery option for this program is a blend of a "learn at your own pace" online course and the instructor-led class traditionally offered.

This new type is a virtual online class, but there is a live instructor presenting the class on a specified date and time, just like a face-to-face training session. IPI debuted this new platform on January 24 for our Parksmart Advisor certificate class.

Class format

The content is consolidated into four required online class days, with each class being only one and a half hours long. Once registered, the learner gains access to IPI’s online platform. Upon logging in, the learner will be greeted with a countdown clock to their course start time, a welcome video guiding them through the course technology experience, their syllabus and an opening forum question to introduce themselves to their instructor and classmates.

This type of class is a unique blend of the networking and personable interactions that a face-to-face training opportunity provides, but allows for flexibility, since attendees can access the educational experience anywhere.

The class includes

  • A training materials section where the learner can download the in-class exercises.
  • A forum section that allows for planned course discussions as well as interaction among the learners. Each learner can start their own forum question and pose it to their classmates, as well as build upon and answer other classmate’s questions. Learners also have the option to reply to another’s questions or comments starting a discussion thread, as well as indicate the importance of the question.
  • An upload section for the learner to submit a document for review to the instructor or turn in their final assessment. 

In order to pass the course, attendance at each of the four sessions is mandatory. In addition, course participants must complete all their assignments, participate in the forums and pass the final assessment with a 70 percent or greater score.

Sign up for the course

Our next offering for the Parksmart Advisor Training is August 8, 10, 15 and 17. Attendance at all four sessions is required to obtain the Parksmart Advisor certificate. Register now to reserve your seat for the virtual class.

Parksmart Advisor Training
When: August 8, 10, 15 and 17, 2017

What learners are saying

Here’s what others are saying about the course and the virtual experience:

“The Parksmart class was a very useful learning tool for my current career and for the future. The online teaching model was interactive and engaging. It helped me understand the intricacies of the environmental impact to building and sustaining parking in the world today.” —Kathryn Hebert, Executive Director, Norwalk Parking Authority

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. He encouraged conversation and questions from the group, which made the class interactive and interesting. The online format made the class convenient to attend and the short, distributed session times made it easier to retain the information presented.” —Elin Nguyen, Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc.

“This course is indeed involving, and I was the only non U.S.-based participant. I was curious about compliance paths for our European project, and I was always given plenty of time to ask questions and get proper explanation by our instructor.” —Marija Golubovic, Ma.Sci, Mechanical Engineer, Energo Energy Efficiency Eng.

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