West Village

Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Certification Level: 
Project Size: 
362,528 square feet (33,680 square meters) and 1,046 parking spaces
Project Manager: 
WE PARK Car Park Fund
Property Owner: 
WE PARK Car Park Fund
Parking Operator: 
WE PARK Car Park Fund
Project Overview: 

West Village is a multi-functional complex that houses businesses championing a creative lifestyle and provides a comforting retreat from the fast-paced city for all tenants, workers and visitors. The site spans an entire city block in Chengdu and features a courtyard style building with office and retail space that surrounds an extensive sports field used for community and recreational activities. The project aims to energize its urban community by integrating a variety of social resources such as sports and leisure, cultural and artistic events, and fashion and creative industries, and to provide for diversified lifestyles in modern cities.

The complex also contains a 1,046-spot below-ground car park that uses innovative and efficient technologies. In September 2017, West Village’s car park was awarded Parksmart Bronze certification and became the first project in China and the first outside of the United States to receive a Parksmart certification. In order to achieve certification, the car park implemented numerous sustainability measures, including:

  • An online reservation and payment system that makes it easier for visitors to enter and exit the garage and allows car owners to find a parking space quickly, reducing garage circling, relieving urban street traffic congestion, and reducing emissions and environmental pollution
  • A carshare and rideshare program
  • An LED lighting system and car parking navigation system
  • State-of-the-art electric car charging stations that promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles
  • An active recycling program at the garage
  • Converting areas not usable for parking at the car park to self-storage for those who use the garage
  • Sourcing at least 75 percent of its materials regionally during construction
  • Creating a rainwater harvesting system that diverts rainfall to green infrastructure surrounding the building
  • Supporting the local community and improving community relationships by optimizing the city of Chengdu’s parking capacity

By incorporating sustainable practices and innovative solutions, the car park is helping to increase energy efficiency, conserve resources and promote alternative modes of transportation.

"With the West Village certification, it is truly an honor for WE PARK (Huibo) to be an industry pioneer in one of the largest, most dynamic, and innovative car parking markets in the world. Our organization has always been focused on the mission to help solve China's massive urban parking dilemma." - Mark Cho, senior partner and CEO China, LimeTree Capital and WE PARK (Huibo).