Why is sustainability in parking so important?

Sarah Buente
Published on: 

Parking lies at the intersection of our built environments and the mobility networks that support them. Because of this, parking presents a unique sustainability opportunity, and Parksmart is positioned to drive change in both of these arenas.

Cutting global emissions

Consider that buildings and transportation are the two biggest drivers of C02 emissions globally. There are also over 1.2 billion motorized vehicles in the world today, and that number is expected to double by 2030. Finally, transportation accounts for almost 60 percent of global oil consumption, 27 percent of all energy use, and 23 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions. Imagine if we added 60 percent more vehicles to our roads today—how many hours would we be wasting sitting in traffic, and how much more pollution would we be generating?

Given these statistics, it is clear that embracing a thoughtful, holistic approach to how the parking industry operates is critical to protecting our environment, creating healthier and more livable communities and increasing the effectiveness of our mobility systems. Doing so will not only help our businesses and organizations prosper and improve our triple bottom line, but will also help us avoid the consequences we might face if we don’t embrace more sustainable business models.

Leading by example

This is where the Parksmart comes in to play. Six years ago, leaders in the parking industry came together to confront the question of “How do we, as an industry, address and leverage the changing landscape of the parking industry to create opportunities for our businesses that benefit our communities and surrounding environments?” The result of their work was the Parksmart rating system and certification standard.

Parksmart is the world’s only rating system designed to advance sustainable mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation. It guides projects toward innovative, solutions-oriented strategies that benefit everyone from building owners and property managers to tenants and drivers.

By encouraging thoughtful siting and design, best-in-class facility management practices and innovative technologies, Parksmart certification helps parking structures cut operational costs, reduce environmental impact, increase energy efficiency and performance, diversify mobility options and create stronger community relationships.

The parking industry plays a large role in the link between the built environment and mobility networks. It can help educate drivers and consumers about green parking initiatives and practices, leading by example and implementing green policies. Parksmart certification is our solution to help bridge this gap.

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