Get started with the Parksmart Certification Standard

Sarah Buente
Published on: 

How smart is your parking? If you are interested in optimizing performance, cutting energy consumption and increasing sustainable operations in your parking facility, Parksmart certification may be a great fit for you. Parksmart is a transformational rating system that defines and recognizes sustainable practices in parking structure management, programming, design and technology.

Review our checklist to see if your parking structure is ready to pursue Parksmart certification.

If your facility does—or can do—just 15 of the actions listed in the checklist, it may be a good fit for Parksmart certification. If you’ve checked just a few boxes, incorporating a handful of innovative operating practices or program enhancements, that may be all that is needed to qualify.

Begin the certification process by purchasing the Parksmart Certification Standard, the detailed reference manual for Parksmart certification.

Parksmart Certification Standard
Price: $149 e-document/PDF, $169 USGBC members, $219 nonmembers

"How did [Parksmart] change my job? It changed everything. How we buy. Our supplies. How we speak with the tenants in trying to educate them again on cut off lights or don't smoke in the garage, little things like that. Having a bike room. Trying to encourage them to ride their bicycles when they only live two miles away instead of driving. That's it.”

—Marissa Thorne, Senior Property Manager at Brookfield Properties