Municipalities lead by example with Parksmart

Jasmine Day
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Cities are increasingly responsible for taking on the challenges of pollution, violence, economic opportunity and climate change. With the majority of the global population living in or shifting into cities, they are being tasked with creating places that are more inclusive, sustainable, resilient and safe.

The choices that local and regional governments make today about managing their emissions and preparing for climate change will have major impacts on the health and economic well-being of cities for years to come. Urban development projects that implement strong green building standards can help offset the impacts of climate change.

Governmental leadership in moving toward a sustainable world is demonstrated best when it leads by example in public buildings.

Parking structures at airports, sports stadiums and entertainment venues are often managed by public sector authorities. By building their own high-performing parking structures, governments can showcase their leadership by their commitment to fostering sustainable, healthy and forward-thinking cities. These highly visible parking structures can also educate citizens on the benefits of green building.

Administered by GBCI, Parksmart is a performance-based certification that recognizes new and existing parking garages for smarter, more sustainable siting, design and operations. It provides property owners with the framework needed to build higher-performing parking facilities that better serve the environment and customers and that improve access to the places that people want to be.

Incorporating Parksmart elements into a parking structure project demonstrates leadership in reducing single-occupancy vehicle use, encouraging active modes of transportation and reducing CO2 emissions and other transportation-related emissions.

Interested in learning how two public authorities have implemented Parksmart into their garages? Take a look at the Parksmart-certified projects below.

  • Gold 1 Parking Facility: Owned and operated by the Stadium Authority of the City of Pittsburgh, the facility is located adjacent to PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Gold 1 was the very first Parksmart Gold certification.
  • Obilićev Venac: Owned by Belgrade’s public parking operator, JKP “Parking Servis,” Obilićev Venac is located in the Serbian city’s central business district. This parking facility became the first Parksmart-certified garage in Europe. The garage’s renovation transformed what was once a traditional parking structure into a beautiful gathering place that encourages more sustainable transportation and increases neighborhood connectivity.

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