Municipalities lead by example with Parksmart

Cities are increasingly responsible for taking on the challenges of pollution, violence, economic opportunity and climate change. With the majority of the global population living in or shifting into cities, they are being tasked with creating places that are more inclusive, sustainable, resilient and safe.

IPI changes its name to the International Parking and Mobility Institute

What’s in a name? Everything—especially for an organization like the International Parking Institute, whose identity and mission have transformed profoundly since its 1962 founding. Which is why, after much consideration and widespread support from our membership, we have changed our name from the International Parking Institute (IPI) to the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI).

100 registrations demonstrate the value of Parksmart

Across seven countries and 22 U.S. states, there are more than 137,000 parking spaces registered under the Parksmart program. Parksmart has now reached its 100th registration—St. Armands Parking Garage, in Sarasota, Florida, brought Parksmart to this milestone. While this is a great achievement for Parksmart, what does it mean for you?

Take a look at the world's first retail Parksmart certifications

Spanning more than 2 million square feet and 270 stores, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, located in Toronto, Canada, holds the country’s largest collection of designer labels and luxury brands, the best in home décor and tech, and now, Yorkdale Parkades E and G—the first two retail Parksmart certifications in the world.

Explore Parksmart at Greenbuild Chicago

Greenbuild is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. Hosted November 14–16 in Chicago, the conference draws industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building, and will offer more than 200 education sessions—including a few different ways to learn about Parksmart.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre – Parkades E and G


We saw Parksmart certification as a way to redefine parking at Yorkdale. It also complements our overall industry-leading corporate sustainability initiatives which aim to reduce carbon footprints by lowering energy use and improving environmental quality.
-Claire Santamaria, Director and General Manager, Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Learn how this project became the first to certify Parksmart Gold

Located adjacent to PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, you’ll find Gold 1 Parking Facility—the first Parksmart Gold certification ever, as well as the first garage in Pittsburgh, and in Pennsylvania, to certify through Parksmart.

Parksmart precertification now available

GBCI is now offering Parksmart precertification as an optional step in the certification process. This allows registered projects to review work already completed and confirm that they are on the correct path to certification. Once a project has successfully completed the precertification review, GBCI will provide formal recognition of the team’s efforts.

GBCI Canada announces Canada’s first Parksmart certifications at Oxford Properties’ Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Toronto parkades are the first two retail Parksmart certifications in the world

Revisiting green approaches in parking

This article was previously published in The Parking Professional's July 2018 issue as "Revisiting Green Approaches," by Brian Shaw, and is reproduced with permission. Read the original article.